Budget Vs Actual

Our Budget vs Actual solution lets you set your Portfolio, Program, and/or Project level budgets for the upcoming year, then monitor Budget vs Actual dollars and % throughout the year.

HOWAnnual License, Glossy
WHATActuals, Budgeting, Financials, Reporting
WHENSince 2020
WHERECompanies, Custom Data, Expenses, Hours, Other, Portfolios, Programs, Projects, Tasks
WHOExecutive, Planner, SysAdmin
WHYEmbedded, Simplification

Extract Document Text

Our Extract Document Text solution allows you to schedule and automatically extract text from PDFs, docx, and doc files stored into custom parameters you can then search for a particular word or phrase.

HOWAnnual License, Glossy, On Demand, Video
WHATActuals, Configuration
WHENSince 2020
WHERECustom Data, Other, Tasks
WHOPlanner, SysAdmin, Worker
WHYAutomation, Data Processing, Schedulable

Resource Grid

Our Resource Grid solution lets you visualize and manage resources using rollup Hours by Day, Week, or Month with no "Special Math" required.

HOWAnnual License, Glossy
WHATBudgeting, Configuration, Reporting, Resourcing
WHENSince 2020
WHEREHours, Issues, Other, Projects, Roles, Tasks, Users
WHOPlanner, Worker
WHYAutomation, Data Processing, Embedded, Simplification

User Initials

Our User Initials solution defaults the Initials for users who have not yet uploaded their photo to make your environment more engaging

HOWFree, Glossy
WHATConfiguration, Reporting
WHENSince 2020
WHERECustom Data, Users
WHOExecutive, Planner, Requestor, SysAdmin, Worker
WHYEmbedded, Simplification