Pricing Details

Standard Pricing Terms

In order to keep our prices as low as possible and grandfather our pricing to clients in appreciation of their continued renewal, our standard pricing terms require RECEIPT of payment in advance in order to avoid a service interruption, so please plan accordingly to either pay via Visa/MasterCard/AMEX (instant), Electronic Fund Transfer (~1-3 business days to clear), overnight courier (~2-7 business days), or Ground Transportation (~2-6 weeks). If payments are late, unless an Extended Procurement Fee (see below) has been arranged in advance, service will automatically be suspended. Once payment is received, the license will be extended until the next anniversary date, and service will automatically resume accordingly.

Credit Cards

For security purposes, our Credit Card feature for Visa\MasterCard\AMEX is now OPT IN, so if you would like to pay by credit card, please email us your request. With that in place, under My Account you can then click the Account Balance icon to check your balance and add funds, either periodically, or “Pay-As-You-Go”, adding just enough for the current run. For reference, our secure e-Commerce provider is Moneris.

Hourly Consulting

If you would like to engage our services for AtAppStore or Workfront consulting services, please contact us to discuss your requirements and our availability.

Payment Options

Our catalog prices are based upon full payment in advance. However, we appreciate that some clients may require additional time and effort for vendor on-boarding, additional client-provided required documentation, and invoice payment. And so, using the following airfare analogy, we are pleased to offer a number of Payment Options to suit those various procurement requirements:



Same Day Departure for payment in advance by Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX at the base prices listed in our Catalog
RESTRICTIONS: Your Credit Card provider might require additional verification, such as an providing an additional password or your Social Insurance Number, might limit or restrict Internet based transactions, and/or might prevent International purchases.

Business Class

One Week Grace Period for payment by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or Overnight Courier at the base prices listed in our Catalog
RESTRICTIONS: Minimum purchase eligible for an invoice is $3,000. EFT information provided separately. Upon invoicing, we may activate our solution on your behalf, but if payment is not received within one calendar week of the invoice date, reserve the right to suspend service.

First Class

Extended Procurement Fee (EPF) at your request to allow additional time for you to process our invoice of either 30, 60, or 90 Days for $750, $1500, or $2250 payment respectively, non refundable, in addition to the base prices listed in our Catalog
RESTRICTIONS: must be requested and approved in advance, due in advance via Visa\MasterCard\AMEX, maximum of 90 days per client.

Baggage Fees

W8-BEN-E provided upon request at no additional charge
Reasonable Documentation for review and ratification time of up to one hour at no additional charge
Standard Certificate of Insurance provided upon request at $99
Named Certificate of Insurance provided upon request at $299
Standard Software License Agreement provided upon request at $399
Additional Client-provided Required Documentation for review and ratification time of up to three hours at for $599
RESTRICTIONS: Additional fees may apply. We reserve the right to decline Additional Client-provided Required Documentation that jeopardizes our minimum rate of return. Failure to pay these additional fees may result in a suspension of service.