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Our Resource Grid solution lets you visualize and manage resources using rollup Hours by Day, Week, or Month with no "Special Math" required.

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  1. Solution

    TIP: We invite you to learn about this solution below, and once you are ready, to then proceed here.

    Our Resource Grid solution lets you visualize and manage resources using rollup Hours by Day, Week, or Month with no “Special Math” required.

    To use it…

    By installing our Resource Grid solution, you can then:

    • embed it directly on a standalone dashboard and/or custom tab/section under a Portfolio, Program, Project, or User
    • share that dashboard and/or custom tab/sections with those users who require access via Layout Templates
    • select an assignment filter (if standalone) or Portfolio, Program, Project, or User of interest, which will populate the data
    • set the desired Time Unit to either Days, Weeks, or Months
    • specify any Options of interest (e.g. Rollup order among Job Role, Assigned User, and Project; number of time columns; etc.)
    • scroll left and right to the timeframe of interest
    • observe which timeframes are under (black), at (blue), nearing (purple), or above (red) capacity
    • click a data row of interest to drill into the details down to the Work Item level (both Tasks and Issues)
    • click the Work Item icons to pop up the underlying data and adjust the Hours, Start, End, etc.
    • select the rows of most interest (or none in particular, to see all)
    • view the data in an online data grid or (if you prefer) export it to Excel
    • view the data using our optional Capacity Chart and/or Heatmap plugins to visualize Capacity vs Planned vs Actuals
    • save those grids, Excel files, or charts (as pdfs) for reference during your analysis
    • rinse and repeat as need be to resolve Resourcing bottlenecks and take advantage of Resourcing opportunities
    • when ready, save your changes to commit them to the Workfront database

    As shown in the Media section below, our Resource Grid solution drastically simplifies the way you can visualize and manage your resources by highlighting both bottlenecks and opportunities, with no “Special Math” required.

    All of the calculations take into account the underlying FTE’s percent-based Roles, schedules, and even their personal time off, then roll them properly into whichever among Days, Weeks, or Months is of most interest, and properly spread and account for those that cross into new weeks or months.

    By tailoring your own Assignment Filters or simply navigating to the Portfolio, Program, Project, or User of interest, you can then easily create a grid, spreadsheet, and (with our optional plugins) Capacity Chart or Heatmap to confirm “what’s really in Workfront”, then take appropriate action at whatever Time Unit among Day, Week, or Month is most convenient for you.

    If you are looking for an on-ramp into the valuable and exciting world of Resource and Capacity management within Workfront, we invite you to consider making our Resource Grid solution the Next Exit on your journey.

    NOTE: due to underling technical changes within Workfront, we are unable to offer either our “right-click a Work Item to Add Contour (replacing the default flat distribution of time)” or our “adjust the Contour as desired (e.g. front load, create gaps, back load, etc.) in the selected Time Unit” at this time.

  2. Media

    Resource Contouring:


  3. Pricing

    From $41,999/Year (unlimited use)
    Additional $2,999/Year for our Capacity Charts Plugin (limited use)
    Additional $1,999/Year for our Heatmap Plugin (limited use)

    Your first year’s annual license of our Budget Vs Actual solution includes up to eight hours for branding, installation, and training. And because it’s based on our UberCalc technology, if you’d like us to tailor it to suit your needs exactly, we’d be happy to discuss a fixed quote to do so.

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