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Balance resources and prioritization of projects using a simple 12-month color coded chart that plainly shows which projects are covered, which ones are at risk, and which ones currently do not have adequate resourcing planned.


The AtAppStore Project Heatmap allows project resourcing to be visualized in a simple but very useful way. For a requested resource group and time frame, a three color chart is generated that shows when, and for which project, that the requested resource is likely to be thin or unavailable. At a glance, a project coordinator can instantly tell which higher priority projects are fully covered by resources (shown in green), which projects are at risk (yellow), and which ones currently do not have adequate resources to even begin (red). By adjusting resource assignments, project priority, and re-running the Heatmap, important work can be kept in the green. This provides an elegant and simple way to balance resources and priority. Note: The Project Heatmap chart is based on the Resource Estimate and Resource Pools data as configured and viewed in the project Business Case and Capacity Planner sections of Workfront. The Project Priority field is used to rank projects for the Heat Map (although an alternate and numeric custom project form field can also be configured through the use of a dashboard parameter. Default timeframes and roles can be set in the dashboard link as well).


Annual Subscription:   $4,999

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