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Get a Handle on Project Start Dates

A New Solution to an Old Problem During a recent Executive Coaching session, I ran into a tricky but common challenge. The Templates I am helping them design are to prepare for multi-million dollar maintenance upgrades that are scheduled two years in advance. The “Main Event” is about three quarters of the way through the .. read more

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Get What You Need

How to Chart by Task Assignee Home Group (or Home Team, or Primary Role) A recent challenge in the community forum caught my attention this week. A number of folks would like to be able to group Tasks by the Primary Assignee’s Home Team (or Home Group, or Primary Role), but — in short — .. read more

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Project Roadmap

You Are Here Have you ever wished you could easily present a one year Project Roadmap of certain projects in a professional looking format, vs the “hours of PowerPoint” currently wasted to manually prepare such information? AtAppStore has the solution, and you can set it up in your environment for a 7-day free trial in .. read more

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Automatic Weekly Status Reporting

Do Next To Nothing Even with powerful software, committed team members, and the latest technologies, there’s something affirming about that ole standby, the weekly status report. Rather than having to carve that time out to prepare it, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to have it just drop out of the .. read more

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Project Status Report

One Stop Shopping AtAppStore is pleased to release a standard Project Status Report that any client can drop into their Workfront instance to get a well-formatted, helpful status report for a single Project, using core Workfront data that all Customers will have present. You can set it up in your environment for free in three .. read more

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Quick Question…

Seeing is believing When it comes to supporting software, if a picture is worth a thousand words, being able to log in AS IF you were the person you’re trying to help is priceless. But we’re giving that ability away for free, with three simple steps.

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Pushing the Limits

How to send Workfront Push Notifications to your iPhone In the Workfront instances that we administer, we recommend minimizing the number of email alerts. However, there are a few events that are not only important enough to email, but important enough for Push Notification (e.g. the “little Red circle with a number in it”) to .. read more

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Rekindling Burndown

Is the Campfire Cold? ——– UPDATE March 2014 ——– In the Fall of 2013, Workfront introduced Burndown charts as part of their Agile improvements. However, for those interested in a Project Level Burndown, showing (for example) how many hours were PLANNED to be worked each week, vs how many hours were ACTUALLY worked, here is .. read more

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As Soon As Impossible

Faster than ASAP? Enterprise Project Management Software is helping teams accomplish their Project Based Work more efficiently than ever. Most Projects are designed to be done As Soon As Possible (ASAP). The PPM Software that teams use may even have email alerts to expedite Tasks that can start early. But a colleague recenty posed an .. read more

How’s My Portfolio?

TSN Turning Point Our local sportscaster uses the phrase “TSN Turning Point” to highlight the pivotal play that enabled the win. In my Project Based Work, I use it to refer to that pivotal event when someone I’ve been coaching thinks of their own solution in a way I wouldn’t have. I always like to .. read more

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