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How to send Workfront Push Notifications to your iPhonePush Notifications

In the Workfront instances that we administer, we recommend minimizing the number of email alerts. However, there are a few events that are not only important enough to email, but important enough for Push Notification (e.g. the “little Red circle with a number in it”) to users iPhones, vs waiting for them to check their email.

This afternoon, I did some research and found an oldie-but-a-goodie solution, and am now receiving Push Notification from Workfront to my iPhone.

The general steps are listed below, and there is a video and some links listed under tips at the end.


  • download the free Boxcar app
  • sign up and log in
  • click settings (top left)
  • click Add a Service
  • scroll down and click Email Account
  • edit the Name (e.g. “Workfront”)
  • click Save


  • check for new mail
  • open the one from Boxcar
  • copy the “custom forwarding address” in it
  • create a rule that forwards Workfront emails to that address
  • NOTE: you might be asked for a confirming code


  • log in to Workfront
  • click My Settings
  • click preferences
  • click Email Me When…
  • check “on” the emails you want
  • save


  • close Boxcar on your iPhone
  • do something in Workfront that will initiate one of the emails you kept “on”
  • your iPhone will buzz/ring and pop the subject of the email
  • you will see (at last!!) the little red “1” on your phone; the whole point!
  • when you click into Boxcar, you can see the email


  • MacWorld’s excellent primer about Boxcar helped me put this all together; see
  • You can quickly direct users to their email settings using https://[yourdomain]
  • To simplify my email rules, I use Gmail’s plus addressing for each login (e.g.,, and direct anything that was sent (from Workfront) to to my Boxcar “Client1” folder
  • Once I confirmed the Push was all working, I changed the rule so it would delete the email in my gmail account, too
  • If you can not use plus addressing as I have, consider including some “contains text” restrictions on your rule to ensure that only the Workfront emails you are after are being forwarded to Boxcar (e.g. contains “Request Submitted:”, etc.)
  • Ironically, I initially signed up for Boxcar with, but received some errors, and had to revert to (I’ve informed them)
  • Some email providers may truncate the body of the email for security purposes
  • To see the original email from within Boxcar, change the Advanced Settings on the Email Account service you set up to open the email (e.g. in Gmail); once you’ve logged in, you can click right through to the Workfront alert, and from there, to Workfront (pausing to log in…hmmm…next blog, perhaps…)
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