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To easily report Tasks upcoming within the next 3, 4, or 5 business days across all Projects, by every Program within an entire Portfolio


Keep everyone focused on the right priorities using our Hot Sheet solution, which embeds directly into Workfront at the Portfolio level.

The key information presented in our standard layout includes:

  • Portfolio Name and the Current Date
  • Upcoming Person Time Off as a reminder
  • One line per Project, grouped by Program
  • Key Team Members
  • Hyperlinked Project Name and key details
  • Hyperlinked upcoming Tasks in Business Day order
  • Optional red font on overdue items
  • Hyperlinked Milestone Tasks within the next 30 days
  • Overall Project Notes

Your first year’s annual license of our Hotsheet solution includes up to four hours for branding, installation, and training. And because it’s based on our Magic Reports technology, if you’d like us to tailor it to suit your needs exactly, we’d be happy to discuss a fixed quote to do so.



From   $6,999/Year (unlimited use)
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