Workfront Merge (or Split)

We have worked with many Workfront customers who control one or more Workfront domains and for various reasons would like to Merge them (or alternatively have one Workfront domain and would like to Split it) using our Workfront Merge (Split) solution.

Our Role

Merging a Workfront domain is one of the most technically complex challenges a Workfront customer can undertake. AtAppStore’s role in a merge is to educate, coach, conduct the computer-intensive heavy lifting, and report the results in qualitative, actionable manner. At every step, we strive to transparently communicate what we can do and what we cannot, so you can plan accordingly.

Your Role

Our client’s role in a merge is to prepare, evaluate Sandbox results, correct and improve, perform post-merge activities, evaluate Production results, and ultimately decide that the merge worked.

Our Approach

As we’ve improved our technology and offering, we’ve determined that the driving factor that distinguishes each merge is time. According, in order to strike right balance between the cost certainty that clients seek and the cost variability intrinsic in something as complex as a merge, our pricing is now based on expected computing time. To provide a quote, we have our clients gather row counts from the source environment, which we then run against our latest seconds-per-row merge statistics to compute the expected computing time. Based on that expected computing time, each merge will fall into one of three categories: Small (<24 hours), Medium (24 to 40 hours), or Large (>40 hours). With that category in hand, we can then provide pricing that is intuitive, transparent, and fair.

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