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You just want your data out of Workfront. You need a way to grab your Workfront data so you can have a copy of it inside your organization.


This AtApp pulls a snapshot of the data from your Workfront instance, and stores it in a relational format inside a Microsoft Access (MDB) file. The MDB includes your Portfolios, Programs, Templates, Projects, Tasks, Issues, Iterations, Users, Groups, Roles, Teams, Hours, Hour Types, Timesheets, Billing Records, Notes, Exchange Rates, Billing Rates, Dashboards, Reports, Filters, Views, GroupBys, as well as Custom Forms. You can even schedule this snapshot to run Monthly or Weekly in My Account.

“Just scratching the surface of the snapshot data. WOW!! I feel like a kid in a candy store.”
            – Melinda Layten, Synchronoss


Run On Demand:   $999
Bundle of 12 Runs:   $4,999 (58% discount – contact us for details)
Bundle of 52 Runs:   $9,999 (81% discount – contact us for details)
Weekdays (260 Runs):   $14,999 (94% discount – contact us for details)
Every Day (365 Runs):   $19,999 (95% discount – contact us for details)
Unlimited for 1 Year:   $24,999 (contact us for details)

Sample File

You are welcome to download this zipped sample Workfront Snapshot file for planning and tested purposes (requires Microsoft Access).

Or you can generate your own Workfront Snapshot Schema for free. The schema doesn’t have any of the data, but all the tables including your own custom forms are there (requires Microsoft Access).

NOTE: although our Snapshots include the most commonly used portions of the Workfront schema (e.g. Projects, Tasks, Issues, Users, Hours, etc.), not every object is covered. Our roadmap to gain 100% coverage is fully documented through five major phases, but we have made no commitments as to when we will deliver future releases. Opportunistically, as clients who are committing to run our Snapshot on a scheduled basis request certain tables (such as FINDAT), we may add those at the time, in appreciation of their business. At some point, if a client serious enough in obtaining 100% coverage offers to expedite our development by funding a good portion of it, we would be happy to explore that option. Also, please be aware that there is a technical limitation of 2GB per Snapshot, so depending on the amount of data in your environment, it may be necessary to run multiple Snapshots.


Product Video

How to Create a Snapshot of your Workfront environment

(1:36 minutes)

How to Create a Snapshot of your Workfront environment

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