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To allow executives to easily compare the absolute and relative activity within Workfront across a variety of metrics in a manner designed to improve both productivity and adoption.


The Executive Dashboards Package is a collection of informative dashboards and reports that present the relative USER, PROJECT, TASK, and ISSUE activity of from a particular Org Chart Level (OCL) as the sum of their subordinates, down the chain of command.

The Executive Dashboards are also UberFilter enabled, which allows you to define and save additional filters of interest and quickly apply them across the all the reports on the dashboard at once, rather than having to set individual prompts every time. UberFilter is sold separately, but does come with a 7 day free trial.

TIP: If you prefer not to license the UberFilter, we recommend applying the “My Subordinates” filters across all of the Executive Dashboards, leave them in that state, and remove the UberFilter section from each Dashboard. That way, when each person is logged in, they will automatically see the information from their vantage point “down” through their subordinates.


Install   $1,499/Domain


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$499/Domain (one time only)