How’s My Portfolio?

TSN Turning Point Our local sportscaster uses the phrase “TSN Turning Point” to highlight the pivotal play that enabled the win. In my Project Based Work, I use it to refer to that pivotal event when someone I’ve been coaching thinks of their own solution in a way I wouldn’t have. I always like to .. read more

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Get Some Professional Help!

NOTE: this technique was developed in the R15 version of Workfront, but stopped working mid R16. At this time, Workfront seems to only support rendering URLs that are posted “outside” of Workfront, such as using as the URL for an External Page, and noting that you may need to adjust your browser settings in .. read more

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Face the Interfaces

Mirror Mirror One of the happy paradoxes of good Enterprise Project Management Software is that the more information users find and believe, the more information users believe they will find. That extra information often lives in other tools; and rightly so. But to be effective, it often needs to be visible along side our Project .. read more

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Going the Extra Milestone

Choose Your Path Most Project Management Software has the ability to mark certain Tasks as Milestones. Some PPM softwares also offer a set of customizable Milestones — a “Milestone Path” – to encourage standardization across Projects. A few sophisticated Project Portfolio Management Software packages even let you pre-assign a Milestone Path to Tasks in a .. read more

Bar Tending 101

A Toast. “To our new guests: The Business” Those of us who have worked with Business Project Management Software have sampled from its vineyard of features. Over time, we acquired a taste for what we like, learned to avoid those we don’t, and ultimately settled in on our favorites. As PPM Software has matured, The .. read more

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Can your PPM software defuse a bomb?

When Companies Merge Synergies… Efficiencies… Economies of scale… that all sounds great! Why wouldn’t two big companies want to merge? Well, one reason might be that if they’re in the same industry, they probably use a lot of the same software, and sorting out which packages to Retain and what to Decommission is an enormous .. read more

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PPM Performance Testing For PMs

Food for Thought It was over 20 years ago, around 8 pm. Three Business Analysts and two fellow coders crowded around my desk with the sinking realization that it was going to take an all-nighter to pull off our deliverable. Just then, the senior PM poked her head in with a concerned look and a .. read more

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Sufferin’ SaaS-afras! Where can I Test?

ExSaaSperation Online Project Management is a great fit for Software as a Service (SaaS). Teams can perform their project based work in different locations and timezones, but still collaborate in a loosely coupled way. And as vendors improve the underlying PPM Software, everyone instantly benefits when the production website is upgraded. What more could you .. read more

Spiral Adoption

Chasing the Rainbow Today’s Project Portfolio Management Software packages have incredible features to help teams collaborate and visualize their project based work like never before. Some of the best are also intended to be customized to meet specific business terminology and events. Given that resources and schedules are often shared, this powerful combination of insight .. read more

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Switchback Workflow

Gravity: it’s not just a rule. It’s the law. There’s a tactile satisfaction to the way a wooden marble run game plonks steadily from top to bottom. At a glance, we recognize the path. As it runs, we appreciate the steady pace. And at the end — plop! — we know with certainty it’s reached .. read more

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