The Hidden Highlight Chart

Congratulations! You’ve earned Prize #1 in The Challenger Game!

The diagram below has been unlocked. You are welcome to view it, save it, use it for your own purposes, and discuss it with others winners below, but we respectfully remind you that as Confidential Information it must not be shared otherwise. That said, we do invite you to collect ALL of the prizes, and thanks again for your participation.

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#1 The Hidden Highlights Chart

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We scoured “The Challenger Sale” for Hidden Highlights, as the fine print in this screen shot explains. Then, being geeks, and very visual, we crunched some numbers to weight the chapters and the highlights, then mapped the results in a waterfall chart of each chapter’s relative value with highlights, and our commentary. It turned out to be really cool!


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Other Winners (aka “safe to talk to”)

We periodically post the names of those who’ve won this prize here, so you’ll know who’s in your league and safe to talk to. PLEASE KEEP THE PASSWORDS AND CONTENT CONFIDENTIAL SO THAT OTHERS PLAYING THE CHALLENGER GAME CAN SHARE THE EXPERIENCE, TOO!

  • Doug Den Hoed (AtAppStore)
  • Dave Jones (Workfront)
  • Nathan Greer (Workfront)
  • Sharleen Vincent (Workfront)
  • Greg Wright (Workfront)
  • Spencer Ellingson (Workfront)
  • Joshua Nielson (Workfront)
  • Brock Beckstrom (Workfront)
  • Henk-Jan Molenkamp (The PMO Company)
  • Cory Seymore (Workfront)
  • Trevor Crump (Workfront)
  • Kendall Burt (Workfront)
  • Chris McCurdy (Workfront)
  • Jake McKinnon (Workfront)
  • Jeff Frier (Workfront)
  • Gary Ashcraft (Workfront)
  • Steve Underwood (Workfront)
  • Adam Bird(Workfront)
  • Brian Ravert (Workfront)
  • Levi Turner (Workfront)
  • Raymond Campbell (Workfront)
  • John Hawkins (Workfront)
  • Chad Melby (AtAppStore)
  • Mark Ellis (Workfront)


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