Check Your Math

Measure Twice, Cut OnceMeasure Twice, Cut Once

“Wait: before we decide….don’t we want to be sure the numbers are right?”
“Uhhhh…yeah, I guess so. You guys go for lunch, and I’ll bulk update everything while you are gone. Bring me a sub.”

Wouldn’t it be slick if you could somehow quickly select the data you’re working with and recalculate the custom expressions, timelines and/or finance values, just to be sure? AtAppStore’s Recalc Helper solution can be used with any Workfront On-Demand environment, and easily embeds right in your own dashboards in three easy steps. And better yet: every recalc is a flat rate, regardless of how many records match the filter you choose!

Punchline (1 minute)


Step 1. Join the AtAppStore


Step 2. Create a Workfront Dashboard

Next step is to login to your Workfront environment and create a Dashboard with an External Page added on it that loads the Recalculate Helper solution.


Recalculate Helper supports many types of Workfront items. The web address (URL) that you specify in the External Page determines which type of object to recalculate, which you can cut and paste from this list:


TIP: remember to substitute “yourdomain” in each of these with the word before “” when you log in to Workfront

Step 3. Try it out!


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In Workfront, view the Dashboard you just created. Select a Workfront Filter, and click “How many?” (which is free). The Recalculate Helper will check the number of items that match the Workfront filter, and further buttons will appear (depending on the type of Workfront item being recalculated) for custom expressions, timelines and/or finances. Your AtAppStore account will be charged a small amount each time you start an recalculation run. When you join, we give you a complimentary credit in the AtAppStore to try out this tool (or any others). Once that’s used up, simply login to your AtAppStore account and purchase further credit.

NOTE: the screenshots above shows a small number of items returned by the Workfront filters, but the Recalculate Helper can support up to 50,000 items at a time — which would take 25 separate bulk updates, manually!

We hope you like our Recalc Helper solution, that it saves you time, and gives you piece of mind!

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