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To quickly manipulate and realign Categories to better match the business, including adding, removing, and reordering Parameters and Parameter Groups, as well as adjusting Calculated Parameter formulas.


This AtApp lets you select an Excel file. Run it to upload the Excel file and process its Category tab, which reconstructs the Category using the instructions in the Excel file, and (optionally) recalculates the Custom Data Expressions. The cost is per Execution.

CAUTION: an existing Parameter is NOT listed in the Excel file, that Parameter will be DROPPED from the Category along with any DATA that currently exists for that Parameter!

NOTE: Update Category does not support Category logic at this time


To Test:    Free
To Run:    $5.00/Execution
By Hand:    $25.00/Execution
Savings:    80%


Released:    Dec 23, 2012
Version:    1.0

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