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How do I import from Excel into Workfront? I have data in other business systems that I need imported into Workfront. I can generate Excel reports. A full data integration is overkill. Importing from Excel into Workfront seems like the simplest approach.


This AtApp lets you select an Excel file. Run it to upload the Excel file and process its COMPANIES, DOCUMENTS, EXPENSES, ISSUES, PORTFOLIOS, PROGRAMS, PROJECTS, TASKS, and USERS tab, and import the data from Excel into Workfront. The cost is per Workfront row updated, but with no charge for a row whose Excel file data matches what is already in Workfront. The tabs in the Excel file can list new values for Workfront core fields (e.g. Name, Description, etc.), as well as Parameter fields (e.g. those in Custom Data). You can also to overwrite, prepend, or append text values.

NOTE: the Excel Updater might not work with objects that include multiple Custom Forms (aka Categories), nor does it support Category logic at this time


From   $0.50/Row, to a maximum of:


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