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Have you ever wished you could easily present a one year Project Roadmap of certain projects in a professional looking format, vs the “hours of PowerPoint” currently wasted to manually prepare such information?

AtAppStore has the solution, and you can set it up in your environment for a 7-day free trial in three easy steps:

Join the AtAppStore


Create a Dashboard


For your convenience, here’s the tricky part in the middle, so you can copy it, change “yourdomain”, then paste it directly:{!$$SESSION}

TIP: “yourdomain” is the word before “”, and cl01, cl02, or testdrive are NOT allowed

Use Project Roadmap

Custom Tab

The Project Roadmap AtApp allows you to select an Workfront Project Filter and a Starting Month. It then automatically retrieves all of the Projects that match the Filter and are Projected to be within the one year of the Starting Month (even partially). Each Project is displayed as a single Gantt bar within a scrollable one-year canvas, with each bar colored according to its Workfront Status, and the name of each Project on (or next to) its bar. You can hover on each bar to see the Projected Start and End Dates, use the arrow buttons to move forward or backward through time in one month intervals, and scroll up and down to see more information. The report was designed be printed to paper or pdf, or easily repositioned for screenshots that can then be easily pasted into PowerPoint, Word, emails, etc. saving hours of tedious formatting.

Our purpose for making this effort (and offering a 7 day free trial, then introductory pricing of $499/year for unlimited use) is to help those of you in the Workfront Community with a valuable solution, while raising awareness of how easy it is to join and license AtApps through the AtAppStore.

We hope you enjoy this insightful new way to view your Workfront Projects!

UPDATE: 2015-02-21 New Features

Thanks to great suggestions from some of our existing clients, we have improved Project Roadmap in several ways:

  • We have added a dropdown that lets you toggle the colors between Status and Condition
  • You can now “prime” the external page url with default values so that the report automatically populates
  • Here is an example:{!$$SESSION}&startdate={!$$TODAYb-1q}&filter=Active&colorBy=condition
  • startdate is using Workfront offset date syntax
  • filter is first substring match of provided parameter against project filter names
  • colorBy can be set to condition to use red/green/yellow project condition color rules; otherwise it will use project status

UPDATE: 2014-11-03 Do you have to swipe a credit card to use the free trial?

Nope: it’s free to try for seven days, no credit card required.

UPDATE: 2014-10-30 How To Print

Project Roadmap can be printed out to pdf, including multiple pages. As an example (using Chrome, on a Windows 7 computer):

  • Hold [Ctrl] and click the name of the report (Project Roadmap) to open it in its own tab
  • Hit [Ctrl]+[P] to print to PDF
  • Turn off the “Headers and Footers” option
  • Turn on the “Background graphics” option
  • Click Print


UPDATE: 2014-10-21 How To Purchase

For those who are new to the AtAppStore, here are the steps you can take to license the Project Roadmap (which is similar in principal to most of our AtApps):

  • Navigate to our catalog at
  • Search the page for “roadmap” and click the icon of that AtApp
  • That takes you to (which shows pricing)
  • From there, click more details
  • That takes you to (which advises you to log in)
  • Once you are logged in, return to
  • The “Parameters” tab will then be visible; use it to log in to your Workfront instance
  • When you Test the AtApp, you will be prompted to add funds to your account with your credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Once you have sufficient funds, you can Run the AtApp
  • After you Run, your balance will be decremented accordingly, and Project Roadmap will be licensed for a year

If you have any troubles, please drop us a line at

UPDATE: 2014-09-30 Wider Timeframe

Thanks to John D’s feedback, we realized that our initial version only showed Projects that matched the filter and STARTED after the beginning of the time frame. That is too restrictive, and misleading. Our next release will include a “wider” time frame, in that any project that “touches” it will appear.

UPDATE: 2014-09-13 Wallpaper of Shame

Heh heh…while reviewing how this all works with one of our clients and laughing about the reams of paper with which all of us have adorned our offices at one time or another (or…yesterday…), we came up with this fun idea: send me a pic of your Old Way, and I’ll happily post it here, on our Wallpaper of Shame, in tribute.

“Let me know if you want it in High Def” — Narayan R

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