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System Tools

Auto Bill

Our Auto Bill solution can provide you peace of mind and save you time by automatically creating Workfront billing records to prevent accidental deletion of project data and lock down the associated time and financial information.

Excel Updater

Our Excel Updater solution affords you a cost-effective path to integrate data into Workfront without having to learn the API, write code, or set up a server, and is ideal for both one time and reoccurring data loads.

Excel Updater Generator

Our Excel Updater Generator solution gives you the sample format for our Excel Updater solution along with an accompanying view definition (including custom data) ready to copy and paste right into Workfront.

Extract Document Text

Our Extract Document Text solution allows you to schedule and automatically extract text from PDFs, docx, and doc files stored into custom parameters you can then search for a particular word or phrase.

Force Timeline Recalculation

Our Force Timeline Recalculation solution provides you a simple, schedulable way to automatically recalculate the timelines for all projects matching a selected filter, ensuring they are up to date.


Our Packages solution enables you to efficiently select a set of related Workfront objects and/or data from one environment, save them, and then deploy them to another environment

Recalc Helper

Our Recalc Helper solution provides you a quick way to easily recalculate the custom form calculated expressions, project timelines, or project finances for all items matching a selected filter, right from within Workfront.

Recalc Parameters

Our Recalc Parameters solution improves the quality of your Workfront data by ensuring your custom data calculations are updated on a suitable scheduled cadence, increasing your confidence....and their value.

Report all Report Details

Our Report all Report Details solution automatically documents your Workfront report configuration into an Excel spreadsheet that you can easily filter to assess the impact of renaming parameters and plan accordingly.

Report Categories and Parameters

Our Report Categories and Parameters solution automatically enumerates your Workfront categories and parameters into an Excel spreadsheet that you can use for clean up, maintenance planning, and backup documentation.

Scheduled Excel Updater

Our Scheduled Excel Updater solution offers you a straightforward approach to periodically load data into Workfront by automatically submitting files to our Excel Updater solution at a cadence you choose.


Our SQLtoXLS solution equips you to extract data from your SQL based legacy business systems into Excel on a scheduled basis so they can then be sent to Workfront using our Scheduled Excel Updater solution.

Sync Template

Our Sync Template solution frees you from analysis paralysis on templates: boldly use them to create projects, periodically adapt their tasks as things change, then synchronize those adjustments out to their projects.


Our UberCalc solution is a swiss army knife of functions you can use to enhance Workfront, such as generating job numbers, aggregating data, designing custom tabs with specialized workflows, and much more.

Update Category

Our Update Category solution allows you to quickly manipulate categories, including adding, removing, and reordering parameters and parameter groups, as well as modifying and validating calculated parameter formulas.

Update Category Generator

Our Update Category Generator solution gives you the current definition of an existing custom form as an Excel file in the proper format you can then easily manipulate and upload using our Update Category solution.

WFPro Packages

We invite you to consider the ever-expanding number of WFPro Packages from our partners at by clicking here to visit their catalog.

Workfront Merge/Split

Our Workfront Merge/Split solution provides you the proven means of preserving your existing configuration and data as you either Merge two or more Workfront environments into one, or Split one into two.

Workfront Snapshot

Our Workfront Snapshot solution makes it possible for you to back up your own Workfront data in a self serve and downloadable fashion, then use results for conversion, archival, or advanced analytic reporting purposes.

Workfront Snapshot Schema

Our Workfront Snapshot Schema solution gives you a preview of what your own Workfront Snapshot will look like (without any data) so you can plan for conversion, archival, or advanced analytic reporting purposes.

Workfront Snapshot Viewer

Our Workfront Snapshot Viewer solution provided you with an easy way to view and navigate your Workfront Snapshot data without having to learn the Workfront data model, write queries, or maintain code.