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Resourcing and Scheduling

Assign Resources

Our Assign Resources solution can save you a tremendous amount of time by automatically scheduling routine Workfront tasks so that you can then focus on the important and exceptional items that warrant human intervention.

Assign Roles

Our Assign Roles solution can easily update routine Workfront tasks from generic to specific roles, simplifying your template maintenance and improving the accuracy of your scheduling decisions.

Capacity Charts

Our Capacity Charts solution can provide you real value as early as possible by allowing you to easily create insightful resource management reports with only basic Workfront setup, maximizing your benefits and ROI.

Create Baselines

Our Create Baselines solution can automatically create a baseline for multiple Workfront projects on a scheduled basis, providing you a wealth of reporting information to leverage for trends and insight.

Deassign Resources

Our Deassign Resources solution can help you quickly adapt to changing priorities by automatically deassigning routine Workfront tasks, freeing up resources for more important projects (via our Assign Resources solution).

Draggable Calendar

Our Draggable Calendar solution can revitalize the way you interact with Workfront tasks, increasing user satisfaction while improving accuracy, timeliness, and communication in a tactile, intuitive fashion.

Editorial Calendar

Our Editorial Calendar solution dynamically presents the due date of all Tasks of interest in a multi-week grid format, with or without weekends and beyond for each project by every program within an entire portfolio.

Enterprise Stopwatch

Our Enterprise Stopwatch solution can improve and expand your users' adoption of Workfront by making it simple and convenient for everyone to track time from their browser, tablet, or smart phone, as the work occurs.

Executive Status Report

Our Executive Status Report solution delivers you unparalleled insight with meaningful, executive-worthy project status reports, including branding, Gantt chart, task highlighting, and issue trending.


Our Heatmap solution offers you graphical, prioritized insight into which projects, roles, and users are covered, which ones are at risk, and which ones currently do not have adequate resourcing planned.

Hot Sheet

Our Hot Sheet solution efficiently distills your upcoming work down to those tasks planned to finish (or overdue) within the next 3, 4, or 5 business days across all projects, by every program within an entire portfolio.


Our JITR™ (Just In Time Resourcing) bundle saves you a significant amount in annual licensing fees across a powerful, related set of our most valuable Resource and Scheduling solutions.

PDF Calendar

Our PDF Calendar solution grants you the ability to create a branded, customizable, printable calendar of any Workfront projects and tasks of interest, simplifying communication in a familiar and friendly format.

Resource Contouring

Our Resource Contouring solution lets you visualize and manage resources using rollup Hours by Day, Week, or Month with no "Special Math" required.


Our UberTimesheet solution can improve and expand your users' adoption of Workfront by making it simple and convenient for everyone to track time from their browser, tablet, or smart phone, after the fact.