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Business Intelligence

Budget Vs Actual

Our Budget vs Actual solution lets you set your Portfolio, Program, and/or Project level budgets for the upcoming year, then monitor Budget vs Actual dollars and % throughout the year.

Capital Tracking

Our Capital Tracking solution includes everything you need to budget, approve, and track Capital Budget vs Actual counts, dollars, and project types on both a monthly and cumulative basis.


Our Estimate/Invoice solution allows you to efficiently tailor and create a branded, auto-numbered, professional estimate and/or invoice, driving directly off a project's planned tasks and expenses, then save it to PDF.

Executive Dashboards

Our Executive Dashboards solution allows your executives to easily compare the absolute and relative activity within Workfront across a variety of metrics in a manner designed to improve both productivity and adoption.

Magic Reports

Our Magic Reports solution allows you to engage us to create informative and professional custom reports tailored to your exact specification, maximizing the value of your Workfront data, your images, and your investment.

Resource Contouring

Our Resource Contouring solution lets you visualize and manage resources using rollup Hours by Day, Week, or Month with no "Special Math" required.


Our UberFilter solution can spare you loads of report cloning and maintenance effort by letting your users choose a dashboard level filter that will update the filters of all related reports at once vs separate prompting.


Our UberGantt solution grants you the ability to create a branded, customizable, printable Gantt chart of any Workfront projects and tasks of interest, simplifying communication in an insightful and professional format.


Our UserWatch solution equips you with a set of informative Workfront based reports on a centralized dashboard which you can use to monitor usage and encourage adoption in an easy, transparent, and fun manner.