Auto Bill

To efficiently create Billing Records for those Projects that need it, thereby locking in Hours, Revenues, and Costs (so you can then change Rates, for example), and/or to protect Projects from accidental deletion.

Double-Recalc Custom Parameter Values

Recalculate Timelines for the specified Projects (either manually, or on schedule), ensuring they are up to date.
$5.00/App Run

Excel Updater

How do I import from Excel into Workfront? I have data in other business systems that I need imported into Workfront. I can generate Excel reports. A full data integration is overkill. Importing from Excel into Workfront seems like the simplest approach.

Excel Updater Generator

To generate an Excel file with a PROJECTS/TASKS/ISSUES/etc Tab that defines all core and Custom Parameter fields in a given Workfront Category for use in the Excel Updater AtApp.

Force Timeline Recalculation

Recalculate Timelines for the specified Projects (either manually, or on schedule), ensuring they are up to date.
$5.00/App Run

Recalc Helper

To easily recalculate WorkFront Custom Form Expressions, Project Timelines or Project Finance.

Report all Report Details

To easily document the configuration of a group of Workfront Reports.

Report Categories and Parameters

To easily document all Categories and Parameters defined in Workfront.
$10.00/App Run

Scheduled Excel Updater

My business data is in spreadsheets, and I need to get it into Workfront.


Extract data from your legacy business systems into a format that can easily be imported into Workfront.

Sync Template

To synchronize Workfront Template changes to their Projects.


To roll up summary information from child objects and store it on parent objects within Workfront in order to simplify reporting.

Update Category

To quickly manipulate and realign Categories to better match the business, including adding, removing, and reordering Parameters and Parameter Groups, as well as adjusting Calculated Parameter formulas.
$5.00/App Run

Update Category Generator

To generate an Excel file that defines all Parameter Groups and Parameters in a given Category, for use in the Populate Category AtApp.

Workfront Merge/Split

Preserve your configuration and your data: Merge two or more Workfront environments into one, or Split one into two

Workfront Snapshot

You just want your data out of Workfront. You need a way to grab your Workfront data so you can have a copy of it inside your organization.
$999/Extract (volume discounts available)

Workfront Snapshot Schema

You are interested in Snapshot Workfront into MS-Access, but want to know what your own schema will look like.

Workfront Snapshot Viewer

To provide an easy way to view and navigate your Workfront Snapshot data.
$499/Year (per workstation)