Executive Dashboards

To allow executives to easily compare the absolute and relative activity within Workfront across a variety of metrics in a manner designed to improve both productivity and adoption.

Magic Reports

To produce engaging and professional custom reports on top of your Workfront data
$3999/Year + Development

Overlay Custom Data (OCD)

To restrict Custom Data so that users in different Groups see only the Parameters they need.
$0.25/Item Saved
Free for Read Only

Project Roadmap

To easily present a one year Project Roadmap of certain projects in a professional looking format, vs the "hours of PowerPoint" currently wasted to manually prepare such information.

Report Project Hours

To easily document the hours, by project by hour type, of all projects in your Workfront instance.
$100/App Run

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Package

Your business has Service Level Agreements tied to your Workfront Issues. You need to track how long issues remain in each Workfront Status. You need to produce operational reports that show how whether SLA obligations are begin met..

Shiftwatch-QR for Workfront

To provide an easy way for shift workers to punch-in and punch-out so your WorkFront Projects reflect actual time spent on tasks, as work happens.$1,999/Year (annually)


Need a way to easily apply common filters to all Reports on an Workfront Dashboard, without editing each individual report on the Dashboard.


To create a customizable, printable Gantt of ANY Workfront Projects and Tasks of interest.


To monitor usage and encourage adoption in an easy, transparent, and fun manner.
$499/Domain (one time only)