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Your business has Service Level Agreements tied to your Workfront Issues. You need to track how long issues remain in each Workfront Status. You need to produce operational reports that show how whether SLA obligations are begin met.


This AtAppStore package installs into your Workfront environment. It defines a Custom Form and related Views for Workfront Issues that captures when that Issue moved between each Issue Status, and how long it remained in each Issue Status. For each Issue, SLA administrators can indicate whether durations are based on 24hrs/day or are limited to workday hours only. Calculations are automatically updated within Workfront.

Most recently, we have also added three sample UberFilter enabled Dashboards with several sample reports on each. You can use them to manage SLAs (including yellow/red highlighting as deadlines approach), and to analyse both the reponse and the resolution SLA compliance. More importantly, you can easily copy the reports to create your own versions, grouping and charting by the data that is most meaningful in your own instance


Cost:   $4,999