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To easily present a one year Project Roadmap of certain projects in a professional looking format, vs the “hours of PowerPoint” currently wasted to manually prepare such information.


The Project Roadmap AtApp allows you to select an Workfront Project Filter and a Starting Month. It then automatically retrieves all of the Projects that match the Filter and are Projected to be within the one year of the Starting Month (even partially). Each Project is displayed as a single Gantt bar within a scrollable one-year canvas, with each bar colored according to its Workfront Status, and the name of each Project on (or next to) its bar. You can hover on each bar to see the Projected Start and End Dates, use the arrow buttons to move forward or backward through time in one month intervals, and scroll up and down to see more information.

Most recently, we have also added a dropdown that lets you toggle the colors between Status and Condition. And (even cooler) you can now “prime” the external page url with default values so that the report automatically populates. Here’s an example of the arguments now in use (showing previous quarter, current projects, color by condition):{!$$SESSION}&startdate={!$$TODAYb-1q}&filter=Active&colorBy=condition

  • startdate is using AtTask offset date syntax
  • filter is first substring match of provided parameter against project filter names
  • colorBy can be set to condition to use red/green/yellow project condition color rules; otherwise it will use project status

The report was designed be printed to paper or pdf, or easily repositioned for screenshots that can then be easily pasted into PowerPoint, Word, emails, etc. saving hours of tedious formatting. To create a pdf, click the name of the report to open it in its own browser tab, then press [Ctrl]+[P] or use your browser’s menu to print, choose the pdf file as the printer, and then click print.

Includes a 7 day free trial — see for installation instructions

“Thank you again for letting me know about this enhancement. It’s really going to help us out when managing our portfolios. I’ve been able to create a custom dashboard for each portfolio manager so they see their active projects along with projects requested to start in the quarter. Being able to default the start date is fabulous. The quick switch between project status and project condition is a nice feature. Helps me with the managers who care about only one or the other.

Thank you so much for the new functionality. This really made the roadmap workable for my company. I appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to listen.

Warm regards,



Trial:   Free for 7 days
Annual Subscription:   $999

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