Get a Handle on Project Start Dates

A New Solution to an Old Problem During a recent Executive Coaching session, I ran into a tricky but common challenge. The Templates I am helping them design are to prepare for multi-million dollar maintenance upgrades that are scheduled two years in advance. The “Main Event” is about three quarters of the way through the .. read more

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Get What You Need

How to Chart by Task Assignee Home Group (or Home Team, or Primary Role) A recent challenge in the community forum caught my attention this week. A number of folks would like to be able to group Tasks by the Primary Assignee’s Home Team (or Home Group, or Primary Role), but — in short — .. read more

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Automatic Weekly Status Reporting

Do Next To Nothing Even with powerful software, committed team members, and the latest technologies, there’s something affirming about that ole standby, the weekly status report. Rather than having to carve that time out to prepare it, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to have it just drop out of the .. read more

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How’s My Portfolio?

TSN Turning Point Our local sportscaster uses the phrase “TSN Turning Point” to highlight the pivotal play that enabled the win. In my Project Based Work, I use it to refer to that pivotal event when someone I’ve been coaching thinks of their own solution in a way I wouldn’t have. I always like to .. read more

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Face the Interfaces

Mirror Mirror One of the happy paradoxes of good Enterprise Project Management Software is that the more information users find and believe, the more information users believe they will find. That extra information often lives in other tools; and rightly so. But to be effective, it often needs to be visible along side our Project .. read more

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Bar Tending 101

A Toast. “To our new guests: The Business” Those of us who have worked with Business Project Management Software have sampled from its vineyard of features. Over time, we acquired a taste for what we like, learned to avoid those we don’t, and ultimately settled in on our favorites. As PPM Software has matured, The .. read more

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Can your PPM software defuse a bomb?

When Companies Merge Synergies… Efficiencies… Economies of scale… that all sounds great! Why wouldn’t two big companies want to merge? Well, one reason might be that if they’re in the same industry, they probably use a lot of the same software, and sorting out which packages to Retain and what to Decommission is an enormous .. read more

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One Chart to Rule them All

Yessssss….My Preciousssssss… Can you imagine Golum as a Project Manager? Instead of a ring, though, he’d be clutching a printout of the latest status report with his favorite chart. It’s funny to picture. But I must admit: I’m starting to see the attraction.

Project Management Time Travel

Hmm…where is that Flying DeLorean I ordered, anyway? Remember Back to the Future? Great movie. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could shift Project Management back through time and see exactly how things looked back then? Although lots of PPM Software packages have auditing — after all, no one likes mismatched SOX — wading through .. read more

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