Check Your Math

Measure Twice, Cut Once “Wait: before we decide….don’t we want to be sure the numbers are right?” “Uhhhh…yeah, I guess so. You guys go for lunch, and I’ll bulk update everything while you are gone. Bring me a sub.” Wouldn’t it be slick if you could somehow quickly select the data you’re working with and .. read more

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Project Roadmap

You Are Here Have you ever wished you could easily present a one year Project Roadmap of certain projects in a professional looking format, vs the “hours of PowerPoint” currently wasted to manually prepare such information? AtAppStore has the solution, and you can set it up in your environment for a 7-day free trial in .. read more

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Project Status Report

One Stop Shopping AtAppStore is pleased to release a standard Project Status Report that any client can drop into their Workfront instance to get a well-formatted, helpful status report for a single Project, using core Workfront data that all Customers will have present. You can set it up in your environment for free in three .. read more

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Quick Question…

Seeing is believing When it comes to supporting software, if a picture is worth a thousand words, being able to log in AS IF you were the person you’re trying to help is priceless. But we’re giving that ability away for free, with three simple steps.

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Rekindling Burndown

Is the Campfire Cold? ——– UPDATE March 2014 ——– In the Fall of 2013, Workfront introduced Burndown charts as part of their Agile improvements. However, for those interested in a Project Level Burndown, showing (for example) how many hours were PLANNED to be worked each week, vs how many hours were ACTUALLY worked, here is .. read more

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How’s My Portfolio?

TSN Turning Point Our local sportscaster uses the phrase “TSN Turning Point” to highlight the pivotal play that enabled the win. In my Project Based Work, I use it to refer to that pivotal event when someone I’ve been coaching thinks of their own solution in a way I wouldn’t have. I always like to .. read more

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Bar Tending 101

A Toast. “To our new guests: The Business” Those of us who have worked with Business Project Management Software have sampled from its vineyard of features. Over time, we acquired a taste for what we like, learned to avoid those we don’t, and ultimately settled in on our favorites. As PPM Software has matured, The .. read more

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Spiral Adoption

Chasing the Rainbow Today’s Project Portfolio Management Software packages have incredible features to help teams collaborate and visualize their project based work like never before. Some of the best are also intended to be customized to meet specific business terminology and events. Given that resources and schedules are often shared, this powerful combination of insight .. read more

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Switchback Workflow

Gravity: it’s not just a rule. It’s the law. There’s a tactile satisfaction to the way a wooden marble run game plonks steadily from top to bottom. At a glance, we recognize the path. As it runs, we appreciate the steady pace. And at the end — plop! — we know with certainty it’s reached .. read more

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Who’s On First?

Abbot and Costello’s routing is still funny. Unless it’s YOUR Project. In traditional work management, one of the key positions is the person who provides the actual work assignments. Project Managers may use placeholders such as Business Lead 1 and Developer 4 in their preliminary plans, but eventually, someone has to pick who’s on first. .. read more