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AtAppStore is pleased to release a standard Project Status Report that any client can drop into their Workfront instance to get a well-formatted, helpful status report for a single Project, using core Workfront data that all Customers will have present.

You can set it up in your environment for free in three easy steps:

Create a Dashboard


For your convenience, here’s the tricky part in the middle, so you can paste it directly:{!$$SESSION}&o={!ID}

Add the Dashboard to a Custom Tab

Custom Tab

View the Project Status Report

Status Report

Our purpose for making this effort (and doing so for free) is to help those of you in the Workfront Community with a valuable solution, while raising awareness of what is possible using the AtAppStore. Our intention is to inspire you to engage us and deliver something similar but specific to your particular needs: different layouts, filters, objects, columns, sorts, etc. Once you have a spec of what you need, we would be happy to review it with you to confirm we fully understand your requirements, and then provide your with a quote.

In the meantime, we hope you find our sample offer useful!

UPDATE: as of 2014-07-24, the milestone, issue, and task names in the reports are now hyperlinks that take you immediately from the Project Status Report to the target in question. Thanks for the idea, Scott M!

UPDATE: as of 2014-07-25, there is a cleaner layout with new features, as below. Thanks for the catch, Joe B!

New Features

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